Thursday, April 10, 2008

Internet Buddies

I find it interesting how as humans we can sense things about each other even though we only converse through our finger tips touching a keyboard.

I often thought that it was the “safe” way to communicate! You do not know who is on the other end, so personal attachment, just would not happen! No hurting with them when they are, no worrying about how they are doing, no heart break when the friendship ends…… Well today I feel like I am losing my best friend!

I met Linda back in January when I began purchasing items from her on eBay. She was one of those elite sellers who would not participate in the art of shill bidding, padding shipping, or requiring insurance and then not purchasing it! She was more than happy to just sit back and hold on to my purchases and then would ship them in one box and charge me the actual shipping cost! For me, one whose income is through an established store, this was a fantastic way to make a profit and it also allowed Linda the opportunity to sell more items by combining shipping. How this all works is an entirely different story! What I did not realize, in the back of my mind, is that I was also becoming and making a friend!

Two weeks ago Linda told me she was leaving eBay. I was devastated just thinking about the loss of another seller in my “Favorite Sellers List”. Then I read more about the reason why and I felt that sickening churn in the pit of my stomach, but as I read on, I felt great peace for Linda and the journey she is going on! Linda is in the process of publishing her first book!

In our keyboard conversation she wanted to send me a little gift and left the pictured glass is one of the pieces she sent me. Tears still roll down my cheeks as I admire such a gift! I emailed Linda to find out more about this piece and this was her response,

“Thanks for your email. I am so glad you like the glass. To be honest, I am not sure what kind of glass it is but I know it was my grandma's and was old. She died at 98 years of age. It makes me so happy that you like the glassware. They are so pretty and I just wanted them to go to someone special and not just anyone at an auction. In return you will help spread the word on my book so it is a win-win for both of us. My website is We just got back from Orlando and are going back to stay for good on Monday. I am so excited. There are so many opportunities to speak there and people were so receptive to my story. We are going to have the book released on or before June 1st. Keep checking the website and it will have the latest information. God bless you dear Donna. I hope I get to meet you in person someday. You certainly have been a wonderful customer who turned out to be a good friend. God bless you!!!”

So, not only am I feeling like I lost a friend today, but I have no idea what this piece is. I am thinking Buttons & Daisy from Imperial, but have had no luck finding anything similar or this piece.

It measures 7 inches tall from base to handle and 15 inches around the bulb. It is footed with 4 distinct seams and “daisies” embossed on the bottom side of the foot. The bulb portion is designed with alternating rows of “buttons” and “daisies” all around. Just before the scalloped edge, there is a “saw tooth” design. The scalloped edge of the base and the lid are smooth and form the entire dish perfectly.

The lid has the “daisy” design and then continues with larger to small “saw tooth” patterns. The handle has four “thumb print” type indentations and then one on the top.
If anyone has any information please feel free to email me and you can also take a look at more glass in my store to buy or critique at:

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