Monday, April 21, 2008

Antique Musical Chime Toy

Do you have a child that loves vintage - or do you love it for yourself - here is a great addition to any collection.........

Antique Fisher Price Musical Chime toy - It is made of metal and has great illustrations of several different nursery rhymes all that I tried to catch in the pictures. The metal is in good condition with no dents and the seam is intact.

The round ends are made of red wood and have an ornate sticker on the outside with the number 722. There is scratching to the round surface from use, but no significant loss of wood. The wheels are attached with a metal handle and wood that runs through the middle of the toy. This has a threaded hole in which the handle gets screwed and still threads great. The handle is red painted wood with only minimal loss of paint and nicks.

The sound when rolling this toy is great and very loud yet!The metal part of the toy is marked “Fisher Price Toy”, made in U.S.A, “Musical Chime”, DES. PAT. NO. 167975, and also Fisher-Price Toys, Inc. East Aurora, N. Y. The metal portion measures 8 inches wide and 13 inches around and the total height of this toy is 24 inches.

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