Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Collectibles Roam!

How collectibles roam!

This adorable cup was purchased by me, approximately 10 years ago, from a store in Sioux Falls, SD. While my children were young I use to take it out every Valentine’s Day and would utilize it for my morning coffee and each year it would get gently packed away for the next year, until 2008.

My children have now grown to the age where they really could care less what I have on my hutch or what type of cup I am drinking from, so it went up for sale to be delivered to a new family with young children!

In my experience with selling Holiday collectibles they are hard to sale. I find that the public does not want to pay the price for shipping when they can hit the 50% off sales in their local stores after the Holiday, but this particular cup has lasted the years without any loss of paint, scratching, or cracks, so I set the price low and still really did not expect it to sale. It is made by © Karen Dvorak and has the same picture of 2 children whispering within a heart on both sides and it is perfect for a gift to hold candy, to be used for display, or in my case it can deliver that fresh aroma of coffee every morning with the reminder of what Valentine’s Day means to me!

Too my surprise, this cup did sale and sold right away! I was glad that it would be utilized by somebody else now and not left in a box for the rest of its life! The buyer is a lady who lives in El Dorado Hills, California and as time went on I was able to find out why this cup is so dear to her own heart! The picture displayed is her daughter, who is now thirteen, and her nephew. She explained to me that it was her sister-in-law who was the photographer and recalls that day of the photo shoot, “One sat for it while my other daughter could not resist chasing the ducks”.

Since this experience I have decided to not keep my hidden Holiday treasures tucked away, but to place them in my store for others to buy and hopefully to bring back old memories in somebody else’s life!

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